Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to share Windows folder on Ubuntu (guest OS)

My system environment looks as follows - Windows host with Ubuntu 10 guest OS in VMWare

I followed the below URL from wmware to setup Windows share on Ubuntu. But this did not quiet work in a single given the fact that I am new to Ubuntu/Window intraction.

Try command "smbmount" if this works that means the smb pieces are install, else install them

if smb components are not install then run "apt-get install smbfs" - ensure that the installation goes correct.

Create a directory that will be mapped to window share "mkdir /home/gvphubli/win_shared"

Here is the last command in this process

mount -t smbfs -o username=win_user,password=win_user_pwd 
//win_system_IP/Java_Learning  /home/gvphubli/win_shared 

In case of CentOS or Fedora follow these steps,

Test for samba, run this command in terminal "smbd -V" if samba is installed and available the version number will be displayed, else you will see bash error.

If you see error, install samba using following steps, I used my root privileges to do so.

yum install samba-swat samba-client

After successfull installation, use the same command "smbd -V" to verify. If things look good go to next stop of creating a mount, here is he command

mount -t cifs -o username=win_user,password=win_user_pwd //win_system_IP/Java_Learning  /home/gvphubli/win_shared

Note: one difference in this command for Ubuntu v/s RH (Fedora and CentOS) is the change from "smbfs" to "cifs"

You should be all set to share files between host and guest OS


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