Thursday, September 3, 2009

Powershell for SQL Database Administrators

Here is list of links that can get you started with Power Shell for SQL Database Administrators (DBA)
This is a 3 part article that start from installation and how to interact with Power Shell (PS) - again this one introduces how to use PS and makes you comfortable with couple of commands
This one directly delves into how to us PS to automate some of the SQL Server admin task, includes good practical samples. - Here is the really working sample that dumps the database information into an excel sheet.

Using the above links you should be able to build a script which can scan all your SQL Servers (listed in a given txt file) and dump the required information into a nicely formatted excel sheet.

But in my case most of the automation that I built around SQL Server was using VB Script, HTML templates and DOS!

I think Power Shell is for new age Database Administrators.

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