Friday, July 8, 2011

db2 restore with mix of full and incremental backups

Following are the steps to restore db2 database when you have mix of db backup with full, incremental and delta are involved.This illustration is based on Windows system.

text in blue are db2 commands
text in green are my comments
text in black are output seen on command line console.

db2 create db zzz_tmp
db2 restore db zzz incremental automatic from C:\ taken at 20110707154108 into zzz_tmp
db2 rollforward db zzz_tmp to end of backup and complete

-- you will see following message, if roll-forward is not complete

SQL4970N Roll-forward recovery on database "ZZZ_TMP" cannot reach the
specified stop point (end-of-log or point-in-time) on database partition(s)
"0". Roll-forward recovery processing has halted on log file "S0000026.LOG".

-- if you see a message as listed above you need to get(copy or restore from TSM)
-- the specified log file to zzz_tmp's active log directory

db2 rollforward db zzz_tmp to end of backup and complete

-- if successfull (you mostly will be) you will see following message

Rollforward Status

Input database alias = zzz_tmp
Number of nodes have returned status = 1
Node number = 0
Rollforward status = not pending
Next log file to be read = Log files processed = S0000026.LOG - S0000026.LOG
Last committed transaction = 2011-07-07- UTC

DB20000I The ROLLFORWARD command completed successfully.

-- do some smoke testing, by connecting and possibly quering the db

db2 connect to zzz_tmp

Database Connection Information
Database server = DB2/NT 9.7.0
SQL authorization ID = db2admin
Local database alias = ZZZ_TMP

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