Friday, February 22, 2008

SQL Express for Absolute Beginners!

Lesson 1: What is a database?
This introduction covers the questions and terminology SQL Server beginners need to create and manage databases, such as: What is a SQL Server database? How is a SQL Server database different from an Excel spreadsheet? What do SQL Server databases do in my Web site or software applications? What's SQL Server Express' relation to Visual Studio Express? What do terms like "ADO.NET" mean? Download the Video

Lesson 2: Understanding Database Tables and Records
SQL Server beginners will learn about tables and definitions of data types, properties, keys, etc. in this second video. Find out how table rows, columns, and fields interrelate and whether columns can be empty. Download the Video

Lesson 3: More about Column Data Types and Other Properties
SQL Server beginners will explore data integrity, learn which data types to use for what, and avoid common data type pitfalls. Download the Video

Lesson 4: Designing Relational Database Tables
Why are relational databases the most popular? SQL Server beginners will learn to differentiate between primary and foreign keys, design relational database tables, and learn about normalization rules and de-normalization.Download the Video

Lesson 5: Manipulating Database Data
SQL Server beginners will learn about ADO.NET objects and execution of SQL statement from ADO.NET. Explore SQL and learn about insert, update, and delete statements.Download the Video and Project

Lesson 6: More Structured Query Language
SQL Server beginners will discover more SQL statements like sub-select and learn stored procedures and their counterparts in C# and VB methods.Download the Video

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